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For home owners that may be concerned about the security of your property and assets held within your home, you may be mortified to find out just how the increased levels of uPVC break-ins is on the up. It takes less than 15 seconds, and very little equipment, to break into a uPVC door and just by upgrading the lock cylinder you can decrease the chances that anyone can break into your home.

If you watch the following video, you will see just how easy it is to break into a uPVC door:


Standard EU locks just aren't keeping your home safe. The video shows just how straight forward it is to break into your home, and it doesn't matter where your home is or how difficult it is to get into your garden, it takes just a fraction of a minute to get into your house.

You can upgrade the cylinder on your uPVC door so that your home is at less risk of break in, and the experts at Bullseye Locksmiths can carry out that work quickly for you. Leaving your home free of the risk of crime is something that the team work hard to do. Bullseye Locksmiths are one of the leading local companies who use modern techniques to ensure your property is left secure - and keeping your insurance company happy is also their priority.

If you want to find out more about upgrading the lock on your uPVC door, and about the high security cylinder options, contact the team today by email on bullseyelocks@gmail.com or on 0800 234 3930 or 07786023 037.

They cover the following areas:

Chertsey, Weybridge, Staines, Addlestone, Egham, Woking, Guildford, Walton on Thames, Feltham and Sunbury.

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